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The STEM Enrichment Academy Academic Summer Programs

High School Courses

Rigorous 6 week, fully accredited courses that lead to higher level classes during the regular school year.

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Middle School Courses

Intense 3-6 week courses designed to enrich and prepare students for high school.

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Open to students from all school districts!

High school credit will be recommended for students who have demonstrated mastery of a course with a grade of A or B.* Contact your high school counseling department for course approval.**


High School summer courses accredited by Western Association of School Councils (WASC).


Through Dublin High School, courses satisfy University of California "a-g" subject requirements.

Required Forms
Visit our FAQ for your schools forms required for outside credit.

2017 Summer Program Courses (Enrollment Begins December 1st 2016)

Please consult with your child's school counselor before enrolling in summer program courses.

High School Summer 2017

Discounts offered for early enrollment, beginning December 1st 2016. High school course schedules and descriptions now available.

Middle School Summer 2017

Discounts offered for early enrollment, beginning December 1st 2016. Course schedules and descriptions now available.

* Students applying for “credited” high school courses should verify they meet all pre-requisites required prior to enrollment.

** All school and district policies vary, check with your school’s counseling department if you desire to receive credit for the course you choose. You must ask for and submit a Summer School Course Information form to your high school’s counseling department to request credit approval for high school courses taken elsewhere.

For further information about Math criteria and the STEM Enrichment Academy, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Summer Program Testimonials

My parents were really concerned about the workload, but I loved the fast pace and being able to focus on just one subject. I would recommend taking Summer Enrichment classes to other students.
- Anika Sethi

I would recommend taking Summer Enrichment classes to other students. It was great to work with other kids who were so motivated to achieve and the teacher was great since she only had one class to teach. I’ll definitely sign up for next year
- Student survey response

The school district is extremely thankful for the partnership we’ve had with DPIE for the last 18 years. They are always supportive of programs that support Dublin students, and the Summer Academy has the potential to make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students and their families.
- Superintendent Steve Hanke

The STEM Academy really worked well for my son, the way it’s set up was perfect for him and our family.
- Parent Survey response

My son loved the class he took and being able to work with other kids who were motivated to learn. We are happy this program is available here in Dublin and it was much less expensive than the alternative summer programs we looked into.
- Parent Survey response

It was just cool to have a school full of kids so eager to learn.
- Bill Branca, DPIE Academy Principal


For further information, please click here for Frequently Asked Questions. For questions not on our Frequently Asked Questions please contact us at our office and we will be glad to assist you.

About DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy Summer Program

DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy's goal is to assist students with their academic goals and needs through accelerated courses for high school credit and enrichment courses for middle school. Our program is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses. DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy is WASC accredited and our courses meet or exceed California Standards, follow the DUSD curriculum and are taught only by credentialed teachers.

The STEM Enrichment Academy summer program is fast-paced and rigorous. A successful student experience is the result of working hard each and every day. The principals, teachers and staff are dedicated to students receiving a quality educational experience.

The STEM Enrichment Academy is a separate and independent organization from Dublin Unified School District receiving NO funding from the district. 100% of our operating costs come from the fees that are charged to the parents of our students. Any profits generated by the Academy are donated back to support programs in the Dublin Unified School District.

Sponsored by DPIE

DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy is sponsored by the Dublin Partners in Education, a non-profit education foundation dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for children in the Dublin Unified School District.

The mission of the STEM Enrichment Academy and the Foundation is to maximize learning by offering students the opportunity to complete courses during the summer so they might progress through high school at an accelerated pace as well as experience a wider range of classes during the school year.