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Between our Foundation and Academy, we cover a lot of ground–including fundraisers, business opportunities/partnerships, and our popular Academic Summer and Afterschool Programs. You may read some of our reviews and testimonials below.

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Reviews & Testimonials

The school district is extremely thankful for the partnership we’ve had with DPIE for the last 19 years. They are a great partner to DUSD and work hard to support the growth of Dublin students. The Summer Academy offers our students and their families a variety of opportunities to expand learning beyond the school year and school day.
Superintendent Dr. Leslie Boozer

Honors Chemistry is a fast-paced, hands-on, and engaging course that provides students with the knowledge and necessary skills to be successful in higher levels of science. One of the biggest advantages of the summer course is that there is a smaller subset of students who are superbly motivated to learn and help each other -while still having fun!
Priyanka Dadlani, Dublin High Honors Chemistry Teacher

With the five hours of class at a time, students and teachers are able to get more done and have richer conversations around material. It is a lot of fun to have the students in one room that are passionate about learning. It has been great because we are teaching Dublin Curriculum and it ensures that our students are receiving a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for their next course. It is great to have our Dublin teachers as leads for each course because again, it ensures that good teaching is happening and everything is getting covered.
Lenni Velez, DHS Assistant Principal

I have attended the DPIE Summer Academy at Dublin High School for two years now, once for Trigonometry/Pre-calculus and the other for Physical education. While I felt going in that five or more hours of the same subject a day would become exhausting over six weeks, I found the class to be both educational and entertaining. Dealing with Trigonometry and Pre-calculus felt like more of a privilege than a chore towards the end of the summer, and I can attest that my math class was more interesting than I could have hoped for.
Brian Anderson, DHS Student

Enrolling in the DPIE Enrichment Academy is a great way for students to strengthen their analytical, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Students have the opportunity to enrich their understanding of mathematics and science while accelerating through some traditional high school classes. The fast-paced and rigorous courses, which are aligned with the Dublin High School curriculum, encourages students to both obtain proficiency in computational tasks and builds a foundation for critical thinking.
Allison Mongold, Dublin High Math Instructor