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UC Personal Insight Questions Writing Program Coaches

Abby Croft
has reviewed thousands of applications for highly competitive engineering, science and pre-med programs as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Rose-Hulman and Assistant Director of Non-Resident Recruitment at Indiana University-Purdue. She is the ideal fit for students pursuing admission at top universities.

Stephanie Sachs
is a comprehensive college admissions counselor with 27+ years of experience at the high school level. Her commitment, passion and deep history provide an understanding of college admissions trends. She continues to also serve as an External Admissions Reader for UC Admissions.

Katy Watts
has 15+ years of experience as a college admissions counselor at places including an international school with the top ranked International Baccalaureate program. In addition to her years as an External Reader for UC Admissions, she helps students gain a competitive advantage over their local competition.

Julia Tushaus
is a comprehensive counselor who has worked in top ranked public and private high schools for 10+ years in LA, San Diego and the Bay Area. Julia has spent the past several years as an External Reader for UC Admissions.

Jocbethem Tahapary
has 25+ years working on both ends of the college admissions process, He has served in the admissions offices for three universities and is a long-time External UC Admissions Reader.

Deanna Goldberg
has 25+ years of experience as a college admissions counselor at both elite private and public schools. She is a graduate of UCLA and a reviewer for the prestigious UCLA Alumni Scholarship Program.

Common App Essay Boot Camp Coaches

Jen Brookover
has 12+ years as a counselor and AP English teacher in both Philadelphia and California. Her English background provides her students an advantage as they tackle college essays which are one of the most essential pieces of college applications. Jen also serves as UCEazy’s Director of College Essay Writing Program.

Stephen Williams
has over 30 years of experience in education serving in various roles such as AP English teacher and college counselor. His extensive knowledge has been passed on through his professorship at the prestigious UC Counseling Certification Program.

Cynthia Darling
has been a high school English Teacher for the past twenty years.  Cynthia was selected to be a Fellow for New York City’s Academy for Teachers, a community of 2000 exceptional teachers from more than 460 schools. She is also a longtime Consultant for the National Writing Project.  

Gail Collins
is a former English teacher who taught for several years.  She has worked as a counselor for 15+ years and is an expert in the college admissions process and the structure of a compelling college essay.  She works as both a writing coach and counselor for UCEAZY.  

Kaitlin Alexander is a career educator with a master’s degree in education and ten years of experience in secondary language arts classrooms. As a remote coach, she works with teens across the globe on both their writing skills and supporting their executive functioning skills.

Becky Swanson
has accrued her experience as an educator working with 7th through 12th graders for the past 14 years. Becky holds a Master’s degree in Education and currently teaches English at an elite high school near Purdue University.