College Essay Writing - FAQ

DPIE Partnership with UCEazy

Why should my student take an admissions essay course?

Why should my student take an admissions essay course?With less emphasis on SAT/ACT scores, college essays have become even more important in the application process for top-ranked colleges and with some colleges requiring up to 15 writing assignments (short and long-form), time is of the essence. This becomes the final piece of college applications that juniors and seniors can work on to tip the admissions scales in their favor.

My child’s writing is pretty good. How would this class help him/her?

English class writing assignments are completely different from a college admissions essay.  Essays are very personal in nature and need to be persuasive since the goal is to share their story and differentiate themselves from thousands of other applicants.  UCEazy’s writing boot camp helps students improve their writing skills specifically for college application essays, gain confidence in telling their story, and fully prepares them for writing multiple college essays.

Meeting once a week seems like too much and I’m not sure my student is ready to commit to working on their admissions essays every week for eight weeks.

Writing is a life skill that takes time to develop. It is similar to learning a musical instrument. Students need time to learn new skills and to perfect them over time through a lot of practice writing. Instructors will tell us that, “practice makes perfect,” and students who enroll in the course need to commit to writing each week and they will be supported along the way by their instructor.

How much time should my student expect to spend on writing homework in between sessions?

Students will be expected to work on their essay draft and revision each week.  How much time a student spends on each assignment will depend on each student’s writing ability.

Can students choose which admissions essay they want to practice?

Absolutely, it’s encouraged!  UCEazy lessons are tailored to the individual student.  Coaches work with students to discuss their goals for this program.  For example, if a student needs more practice writing descriptive essays, our focus will be on improving that skill.

How long will one on one sessions last and what will happen during the time?

One on one sessions will last anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes based on what the student has accomplished between sessions, how much feedback they need and questions they have of their instructor.