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Slices of Pie Newsletter May 2018

Slices of Pie May 2018

Features: STEAM Elementary Summer Camp Now Enrolling, Afterschool Cooking Course at Murray, New Middle School Courses, DHS Video Production Program

Plus: News Around Town

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Steam Summer Camp 2018

STEAM Elementary Summer Camp 2018 – Now Enrolling

By Foundation Staff
Learn and have fun this summer! STEAM Elementary Summer Camp features half day academic programs organized by local teachers and qualified educators.  Multiple sessions available. Open to students from all school districts – share with your friends from out of town. Register early and save.

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Afterschool Cooking Course at Murray Elementary Touches the Mind and Senses

Apr 19 | By Michael Utsumi
For some young people, cooking is simply a means to an end. The ultimate payoff is food. Often what is lost, is the process and a learning opportunity. Through a unique collaboration at Murray Elementary School, DPIE has been able to offer a cooking course that includes elements of literature, culture and science. The Top Chef (instructor) of this program is Kindergarten/First Grade teacher Ms. Lauren Soto-Figueroa.

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New Middle School Courses Offered in STEM Summer Program

Apr 16 | By Rich Boschetti
Are you looking for something fun and different for your middle school student to do this Summer? Are you seeking a fun way to stimulate your child’s mind and interest in education? Or are you simply trying to avoid the “learning loss” that many middle school students suffer over the course of summer vacation? Whatever your motivation, the DPIE Middle School Summer STEM Academy may be just what you and your kids are looking for.

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Technology Fuels Growth and Innovation at the DHS Video Production Program

Apr 6 | By Michael Utsumi
Without question, one of the most successful and fastest growing programs at Dublin High School is Video Production. In just over three years, we have witnessed an expansion from two classes to five sections. It thrives because of two reasons: Highly motivated students and great vision by its teacher, Michael D’Ambrosio.

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Academy Updates

About DPIE’s Academy

Social Media Highlights

  • Registration now open for our STEAM Summer Camp & Elementary School courses. Open to students from ALL school districts. | Apr 20, Facebook & Twitter
  • Through a unique collaboration at Murray Elementary School, DPIE has been able to offer a cooking course that includes elements of literature, culture and science. | Apr 20, Facebook & Twitter
  • In celebration of a milestone birthday, in lieu of gifts, Dublin resident and public school supporter, Michelle McDonald asked family and friends to donate to DPIE. | Apr 18, Facebook
  • DPIE is introducing six new classes to the Middle School Summer Program, with more diversity of instruction and ways for students to tap into their creative talents. | Apr 17, Facebook & Twitter
  • Proud to be a participant at the John Green 10th Anniversary Multicultural Celebration. Board President, Katherine Utsumi, shares her Google Bulletin story | Apr 14, Facebook
  • DPIE funded equipment for the DHS Video Production Program last year. We recently sat down with Mr. Michael D’Ambrosio, to follow up on the impact of this new technology. | Apr 11, Facebook

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