Introducing New After School Courses for 2022-2023

Fall After School Enrollment Open
August 10, 2022

Enrollment in the Fall DPIE After School Enrichment Program is now open and off to a roaring start. Fresh off a Spring session which saw a record 1,166 students enrolled in 74 enrichment classes offered at all 8 elementary schools in the Dublin Unified School District, DPIE has launched enrollment for their Fall program and judging by the number of early enrollments, the program promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Entering its 8th year of providing a wide range of enrichment classes for Dublin students to choose from and undaunted by the challenges created by the COVID pandemic, DPIE continues to introduce new programs to the course offerings and this year is no different.

Meet CodeFu Tri-Valley and Talentnook Writing Academy

DPIE is always on the lookout for new vendor partners who can offer exciting new courses. This year, DPIE introduces CodeFu Tri-Valley, to teach coding classes and Talentnook Writing Academy who will offer a variety of creative writing & reading classes during the year.

The Art of Coding

Founded in 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area, the art of CodeFu was created by a unique combination of experienced classroom teachers and top programmers in Silicon Valley who worked together to create lessons that could be integrated into daily lessons. CodeFu Tri-Valley courses take coding to the next level by teaching students not only how to code, but about the importance of technology in balance with the outside world.

Students who enroll in CodeFu classes are introduced to the world of coding and computer science through practical and fun hands-on classes and learn by doing activities. They will be teaching a variety of coding classes during the year that make learning fun for students and this Fall, they will offer Mini-Dojo Coding for Kids in grades 1 – 2 and Scratch Grasshopper Coding Made Fun for Kids in grades 3 – 5.

Students enrolled in the CodeFu 2022 Summer Academy.

Over our 10-week program, students will learn how to build games and tell digital stories using the application Scratch Jr. Students will piece together sequences before executing them to see the outcome of the story. But students will learn more sophisticated coding skills in the upper grade classes and will be introduced to animation codes.

"Coding is puzzle-solving. It requires imagination and creativity, and here at CodeFu, we help those flourish. Additionally, an important aspect of learning programming involves handling mistakes gracefully, treating them as learning opportunities. We also emphasize teamwork, encouraging each student to ask for help and give help in return."

- Ryan Miller, CodeFu Tri-Valley Director of Operations

For parents looking for a challenging, fun and interesting course for your student, consider enrolling them in one of DPIE’s coding courses this Fall.

Talentnook Writing Academy Introduces New Writing Courses

Learning to communicate has always been a basic skill for young learners, but learning to communicate effectively and with impact, is a learned skill that is developed with time and practice. There has always been a demand for courses that help students become more effective writers and if that’s what you’re seeking for your student, consider enrolling them in the Creative Writing courses being offered by Talentnook in the DPIE program this Fall.

“Writing is the backbone of civilization.  In our courses,  we hope to bring an early awareness of the world to young students and encourage them to explore culture, use their imagination and help them develop a diversity of interests.

Our goal is to help students develop a love of writing at an early age. Students are asked to share their personal histories, their dreams as well as their struggles. Through this process, writing becomes the art of self-expression that is both important and fun for students.” 

- Summit Kumar, Talentnook Founder

The creative writing courses will explore the art of storytelling. Students will read several genres of short stories and develop an appreciation of a compelling story: plot, dialogue, figurative language, character development, sequence of events, and imagery to name a few. Reading stories acts as a springboard to develop imaginative writing. 

Learn More and Enroll

All classes are held right after school on your home school campus.  Classes are offered every day of the week, Monday through Friday, and enrolling in the program is easy and handled online.

To learn more about the new coding and writing courses, as well as to see our other popular courses being offered like, Chess, Robotics, Animation, Art, Drama, Public Speaking, Cartooning, Typing, Chorus, Engineering and at each school site, just CLICK HERE to go to the After School Enrichment Program website page and select your school.

Financial aid is available to families enrolled in the "Free & Reduced-Price Lunch program" and reach out to DPIE via email if you want to learn more about what aid is available to your family.