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Who can enroll in the DPIE Math Course 3?

Students currently in 6th or 7th grade who want to take Math Course 3 over the summer for acceleration, have met the DUSD criteria and received approval from the DUSD to take the class for advancement, can enroll in DPIE Math Course 3.  If you wish to take the DPIE Math Course 3 for enrichment purposes only, you can enroll now.  Enrollment will take place on a first come first served basis.

How do students enroll in the Math Course 3?

Registration in DPIE Math Course 3 opens on Friday March 5th at noon and enrollments will be taken on a first come first served basis.

According to Dublin Unified School District policy, students who want to enroll in Math Course 3 for the purpose of advancing to Algebra 1 in the fall of the 2021 – 2022 school year, must take the following steps.

  1. Grade Requirement – Students must earn a “B+” or better grade in Math Course 2 for the first three quarters of the current 2020 – 2021 school year for advancement purposes.

  2.  Acceleration Request Submission - Dublin students must submit a Middle School Summer 2021 Math Acceleration Request.  The application can be found here.  DUSD has indicated that it could take up to 5 business days for you to hear back from your school. 

  3. Enrollment – If you receive notification of approval, please click here to enroll. 

Can any 6th or 7th grade student enroll in Math Course 3 for advancement in the summer? 

No.  Students must meet the grade requirements below and be pre-approved by DUSD to enroll in DPIE Math Course 3 for the purpose of advancing to Algebra 1 in the fall of the 2021 – 2022 school year.

What if, after I enroll my student in the DPIE Math Course 3, he/she does well on the spring math assessment?

DPIE understands that the Dublin Unified School District will administer a math placement assessment in mid-March and results will be shared with parents in late March or early April. We realize that some students will do well enough on the assessment that they will be placed into Algebra 1 for the fall of 2021 – 2022 and those students will not need to take Math Course 3 during the summer.  However, DPIE cannot wait until the results are announced to hire math instructors to teach our summer courses, so please be aware that if you choose to enroll your child in Math Course 3 with us, prior to receiving the results, we have a no refund policy. 

Why can I not get a refund if I change my mind?

DPIE is a non-profit organization and the only source of funding that DPIE receives to pay teacher salaries, registration fees, administration, supplies, technology costs, rent etc is the enrollment fees we charge for the program.  DPIE has already hired teachers to teach Math Course 3 and we are therefore, legally obligated to pay them. We require parents to make sure they want their student in the program before they enroll.

 If you have already enrolled your student, prior to the results of the math assessement, we will try and work with you, but we have limited refund options. 

  1. Stay in the Class - DPIE encourages you to keep your student enrolled in the program so they can learn the concepts that were not taught in Math Course 2.  The Math Course 3 concepts we have been asked to teach during the summer will be vital to your student’s success in Algebra 1 and just passing the math assessment does not mean your student understands those concepts. Middle school math teachers recommend that ALL students take Math 3 whether they do well on the spring Math assessment or not.

  2. Waitlist Refund – If we have a waitlist for the Math Course 3 to replace your student, we will be glad to refund you all but the $75 enrollment fee charged by the online registration company.  The registration company will not refund the fee for any reason. 

  3. No-one on Waitlist? – If there are no students on the waitlist to take your student's place we have limited choices.  Please send an email to info@dpie.org.

Why do you open enrollment in Math Course 3 before the spring math assessment results are available?

DPIE aims to hire teachers for our summer courses as early as possible.  If we wait until the assessment results are available, we may not get enough teachers to work in our program.

If my child performs well and meets the grade criteria required by the DUSD, will they be allowed to advance to Algebra 1?

DUSD has advised us that students enrolled in the DPIE Math Course 3 course must earn a “B+” grade or overall “86.5%” score to automatically be placed into Algebra 1 in the fall. Please see the chart below.

How will students be graded in Math 3 Course?

Student grades in Math Course 3 will be calculated in three different areas.

  • Homework – 10%
  • Class Work – 15%
  • Assessments – 75% (Assessments includes all quizzes, tests, mid-terms and the final)

What are the dates, class times and cost of Math Course 3?

Dates: Six weeks - June 2 to July 9, 2021.

First Semester
Week 1 - June 2 – June 4                    
Week 2 – June 7 – June 11
Week 3 – June 14 – June 18

Second Semester
Week 4 - June 21 – 25
Week 5 – June 28 – July 2                   
Week 6 – July 6 – July 9 -  No school on July 5 - FINAL EXAM July 9

Venue: Online.

Class times: 8:30am to 1:30pm 

Cost:   $975