FAQ | Fequently Asked Questions

What is DPIE?
The Dublin Partners in Education Foundation (DPIE) was formed in 1992 in response to the drastic cutbacks in state funding. Comprised of parent volunteers, the DPIE board has a minimum of 10 voting members from the community in addition to a non-voting Dublin Unified School District Board Member. 

Why do we need DPIE?
Many of us choose to live in Dublin for the great public schools, but educational excellence comes at a price. Public funding for schools provides a bare bone baseline program, with overflowing classrooms needs that the District is unable to fund for the arts or enrichment activities.  To maintain high quality education, DPIE asks like-minded parents and community members to fund the enrichment programs that allow our students to thrive.

I cannot afford the suggested donation per student. What should I do?
We would like for you to contribute what is comfortable for you. Every donation makes a difference. DPIE is not endowed by a few wealthy donors, it is the hundreds of individual donations that collectively add up to the grand total raised each year. We strive for 100% participation.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, your donation is tax deductible. The Dublin Partnerships in Education Foundation (DPIE) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Tax ID# 94- 3207780

Public school is supposed to be free. Why do I have to pay?
State funding barely covers rising expenses and mandated programs. Without any DPIE funding, programs in electives would not be possible and student-to-teacher ratios would be higher. Each year we evaluate how much we need to bridge the gap between state funding and maintaining the programs that the children need to succeed.

Will we still need to raise funds as the state budget improves?

The funding DUSD receives from public sources--federal and state governments and local property and parcel taxes--are insufficient for offering the rich educational experience we as parents desire and expect for our children. Currently, these sources cover only 90% of the amount spent per student each year. Even as the state budget improves, it still only covers basic program costs.  While some districts in the state may see increased funding for ELL and disadvantaged students, our district is not likely to benefit from proposed budget changes.   DPIE plans to continue funding enrichment programs and provide an excellent education for DUSD students.

How do I make a donation?

You may pay donate online.

 You may also pay by check - leave it in the DPIE box in your school office or mail it to:
Dublin Partners In Education
P.O. Box 2307
Dublin. CA 94568

To make a stock donation, please contact our office:
info@dpie.org (925) 828-2551 x8024

How is the money spent?
Your tax-deductible donation benefits every child in every school during the current school year! The needs of each school are taken into account along with feedback from the principals, the DPIE surveys and program costs. The volunteer parent representatives from each school work with the school district to determine how the funds are allocated each year.

Who decides how funds are allocated?
Parent survey results are an important component of the process. Program costs are estimates provided by District Superintendent Leslie Boozer and her staff. Therefore, it is difficult to construct a grant that has exactly equal cost per grade, across all grades, but DPIE makes the best effort to provide equal value to all students according to our Four Pillars.

Why are the PFC’s and DPIE both raising money for the schools?
While the district provides our facilities, teachers and core curriculum, DPIE funds Enrichment Programs, libraries, art, music, physical education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The PFC’s generally fund new technology, other specialized materials, and campus improvements as well as educational and community building programs on campus.

Please join with your fellow parents in giving to both the PFC’s and to DPIE.  Your gift to each organization is vital to your child’s success.

Which schools benefit from DPIE funding?
DPIE funding is distributed as equitably as possible throughout the public schools in the Dublin Unified School District.

Does DPIE apply for grants?
DPIE applies for and receives small grants from local community organizations.