Career Exploration

Dublin Partners in Education collaborates with business professionals, local government officials and community partners to provide Career Exploration for the students in the Dublin Unified School District.


One Friday per month, 7th and 8th students
attend career presentations.  Dublin Partners in Education seeks speakers from a variety of sectors, although most are primarily STEM focused. Speakers must have a 4 year college degree with the ability to inspire students to ask questions, take notes and share ideas. In the 2014-2015 school year, speakers included NASA's Bill Preston who urged students to study algebra and physics, Stub Hub's Johnny Volk who encouraged students to be open to new ideas, and training facility owner Chris Martinez who inspired students to follow
their passion.

The purpose of Career Exploration is to allow
investigation of career paths, industries and
opportunities that students might not have
considered. It is to assist students in putting the pieces together that will help them choose majors, careers and classes to take in high school. The goal is for the students to hear something that sets off a spark and starts to inspire a direction for their continued education.



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