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STEAM After School Winter Program at Murray Elementary

STEAM After School Courses at Murray Elementary are updated each season.

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Each class that moves forward will generate contributions of up to $100 (dependent on class size) to the school’s Parent Faculty Club (PFC) and $25 to Student Council.


Murray Elementary
8435 Davona Dr
Dublin, CA 94568


Courses are offered 1 day per week up to 10 weeks. 10 hours of tuition.


$185-$210 per course.  Early Bird pricing available to November 24th.

 Local, Qualified Teachers

Courses organized by local teachers with
California Teaching Credentials.

Murray After School Course Offerings

Actors’ Workshop!

Instructor:        Professional Actors from the Kenn Adams’ Adventure Theater Company
Grade Level:    K-5
Day/Dates:       Monday - Dec  3, 10, 17 | Jan  7, 14, 28 | Feb 4, 11, 25
Sessions:           9 classes x 70 minutes
Time:                  2:05  - 3:15pm
Room:                 P1
Tuition:             Early Bird Pricing - $199   From November 24th - $210

It’s laughter, learning and limelight with the After School Drama Club - The Actor’s Workshop! Through a fun series of theater games, acting exercises and scripted scene work, this introductory acting class teaches the fundamentals of the actor’s craft. Students explore the “three tools of the actor” – voice, body and imagination – as they learn how to create characters, interpret scripts and perform for an audience. The class teaches true theater skills such as stagecraft, emotionally truthful acting, and professional theater etiquette, while encouraging creativity and inspiring the imagination. The class culminates with a workshop presentation of scenes and monologues for an invited audience.

Chess Academy for Kids

Instructors:      Pacific Chess Academy (Mr Jeff Pernik Owner - 30 years teaching chess, Ms   Karen Vallen - 34 years teaching chess and Nenad Zagorac - Tournament Director 12 years teaching chess).
Grade Level:     1 - 5
Day/Dates:        Tuesday -  Dec 4, 11, 18 | Jan  8, 15, 22, 29 | Feb 5, 12, 19
Sessions:            10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                   2:05 - 3:05pm
Room:                 MPR
Tuition:               Early Bird Pricing - $195    From November 24th -  $205

Learn chess with Pacific Chess Academy!  This program is a great opportunity for kids to learn how to overcome obstacles, think strategically, and stay focused. Specifically designed for young players with various levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), the course offers video lessons, easy-to-follow instructions, individual recommendations, and preparation for chess tournaments. The use of modern technology (projector, iPad, teaching software) makes the learning process easy, fast, and fun! The class is offered to grades 1-5. All necessary equipment (boards and pieces, clocks, demo tools) provided.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a Chess Champion, this class is for students at all ability levels.
6 Reasons Kids Should Learn Chess

  1. Improves concentration, attention span and memory abilities.
  2. Enhances reading and math skills.
  3. Fosters critical-thinking and creativity in young minds.
  4. Encourages and rewards hard work.
  5. Develops problem solving skills.
  6. Exercises both sides of your brain.

Cooking Through Literature, Culture, And Science

Instructor:         Ms. Lauren Soto-Figueroa, Murray Teacher
Grade Level:      1 – 3
Day/Dates:         Friday - Dec 14 | Jan  11, 18, 25 | Feb 8, 22   | Mar 1
Sessions:             7 classes x 90 minutes
Time:                    3:05 - 4:35pm
Room:                   K4
Tuition:                Early Bird Pricing - $185   From November 24th - $199

Students will become introductory chefs as they explore the world and art of cooking through literature, culture, and science. This class changes in each session and we never duplicate recipes so each time you take this class you will learn to prepare something new and different. Students will learn the basics of cooking materials, collect recipes and notes through an interactive notebook (cookbook), and explore in basic recipes as well as seasonal seasonal specialties. Each class students will learn, cook, and taste/take home food and recipes related to cultural foods around the world, connected to literature and also explore how cooking is related to math and science. They will learn vocabulary, how to use certain items, food and kitchen safety and become junior chefs! Students get an apron and cookbook with all recipes and learning as well as certificate at the end of the two weeks. Not to mention, the kids get to eat what they make. Yum!
Please let instructor know of any food allergies and we encourage students to wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Looking forward to guiding your child around the world through making and tasting! Bon appetit!

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It

Instructor:           Ms Denise Fisher, Murray Instructor
Grade Levels:     3 - 5
Day/Dates:           Thursday - Dec  13, 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 | Feb  7, 21
Sessions:              8 classes x 75 minutes
Time:                      3:05 - 4:20pm
Room:                    W07
Tuition:                 Early Bird Pricing - $185    From November 24th - $199

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyer
Is your student interested in technology, art, creating, crafting, and inventing? They are part of the Maker Movement! We’ll explore design, engineering, art and more through activities from making delicious banana muffins, building a celery piano, and constructing a working light-saber to name just a few activities.  This class will give your child the opportunity to explore many different topics such as cooking, electronics, and crafting to find an area they might be passionate about. In addition, it will help them build confidence by saying, “Look what I made!”

Let’s Get Crafty

Instructor:           Ms Lauren Soto-Figueroa, Murray Teacher
Grade Level:       1 - 4
Days/Dates:        Thursday -  Dec 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24 31 | Feb  7, 14, 21
Sessions:              8 classes x 75 minutes
Time:                     3:05 - 4:20pm
Room:                   K4
Tuition:                 Early Bird Pricing  - $185 From November 24th - $199

Want to explore your creative side? Let's get artsy crafty!  This class will provide students the opportunity to get in touch with their creative side in making or creating various arts and crafts projects. Each week, students will either learn new & various art techniques as well as how to make make homemade goodies or gifts. Everything made your child gets to keep. Crafts might include: homemade snow globes, candles/soaps, lava lamps, bouncing balls, planters, card making, candy and more. Students will also be using  various mediums include: watercolor, acrylics, oil pastels, clay, origami, collage, drawing and more. This is will be a step by step, hands on class where students must make a plan to create their masterpiece. It will integrate art, science, crafting, and writing. Gifts for the holidays will also be explored. Hope to see your child there!!

Space Adventures & Mission to Mars

Instructor:            Bricks 4 Kidz  
Grade Level:         K - 5
Day/Dates:            Wednesday - Dec 5, 12, 19 | Jan  9, 16, 23, 30 | Feb 6, 13, 20
Sessions:               10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                       3:05 - 4:05pm or 2:05 - 3:05pm on Collaboration days
Room:                     MPR
Tuition:                  Early Bird Pricing $199    From November 24th - $210

For the budding scientist, engineer, astrobiologist, astronaut or explorer in your family this course is right choice for them. Inspired by NASA & Star WarsTM, this class is packed full of models that will make your imagination blast off!  Each week future astronauts will learn about the real-life space exploration and build models related to the NASA space program. The Space Adventures class will spark your child’s imagination about the world out there.
Space is often called the last frontier, and has inspired scientists, stargazers and adventurers for generation. Join us on a Mission 2 Space! Discover incredible structures like the launch complex 39 at the Kennedy Center, travel the surface of the moon on a lunar rover, visit the international space station and do it all using Lego Bricks.  All you need to bring for this adventure is your imagination.

The World of Engineering

Instructor:       Ms Sara Phillips, Murray Teacher
Grades:             1 - 3
Day/Dates:      Thursday - Dec  6, 13, 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 | Feb  7, 14, 21
Sessions:          10 classes x 1 Hour
Time:                  3:05 - 4:05pm
Room:                14
Tuition:             Early Bird Pricing - $185         From November 24th - $199

Students will take on the role of engineers as they use their imagination and investigation skills to design projects that help solve world problems. They will work in collaborative teams as they plan, design, create, and explain a variety of engineering projects. We will start with literature as we become inspired by ideas within the stories that we read. Students will be given materials, restraints, and a purpose for each of their designs. Using iPads, Students will work in teams as they use the engineering model to design their projects, test their designs, and explain how these models can help solve problems or make improvements in the real world.
Students will use their imagination as they face challenges in different subject areas. They will use Math to measure designs, Writing to explain their designs, Public Speaking to teach others about their models, Technology as they use iPads to help create and share their designs, and Collaboration as they work in teams to solve problems and make improvements. Students will have opportunities to tap into their creativity as they investigate and explore the many ideas and knowledge all around them.

Video Game Design & Coding

Instructor:         Licensed instructor from Code to the Future
Grade Level:      2 - 5
Day/Dates:         Monday - Dec  3, 10, 17 | Jan  7, 14, 28 | Feb 4, 11, 25
Sessions:            9 classes x 70 minutes
Time:                   2:05 - 3:15pm
Room:                  MPR
Tuition:               Early Bird Pricing - $199   From November 24th - $210

Prepare for the world of technology and learn the secret language of computers! New and returning students are welcome! Continue or begin your coding adventure with the Code To The Future team, and create brand new projects like a multi-level platformer or RPG style video game! The possibilities to create are endless! New students are always welcome to join throughout the year, and every class is differentiated for individual learning. After mastering the processing style of a computer, new coders will learn to use Scratch, a block-based tool developed at MIT. Use Scratch to make engaging projects with endless possibilities, in a mixture of games and stories. Choose your favorite theme, from Luke in Star Wars to the voyager Moana!

Enrollment Now Open!

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