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STEAM After School Courses at Dublin Elementary

STEAM After School Courses at Dublin Elementary are updated each season.

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Each class that moves forward will generate contributions
of up to $100 (dependent on class size) to the school’s Parent Faculty Club (PFC) and $25 to Student Council.


Dublin Elementary
7997 Vomac Rd
Dublin, CA 94568


Courses are offered 1 day per week up to 10 weeks. 10 hours of tuition.


$185 - $210 per course.  Early Bird pricing available to November 24th.

 Local, Qualified Teachers

Courses organized by local teachers with
California Teaching Credentials.

Dublin Elementary After School Course Offerings

Actors’ Workshop!

Instructor:         Professional Actors from the Kenn Adams’ Adventure Theater Company
Grade Level:      K- 5
Day/Dates:         Friday - Dec  7, 14 | Jan 11, 18, 25 | Feb  8, 22 | Mar 1
Sessions:            8 Classes x 75 minutes
Time:                    3:05 - 4:20pm
Room:                   B2
Tuition:               Early Bird Pricing - $199   From November 24th - $210

It’s laughter, learning and limelight with the After School Drama Club - The Actor’s Workshop! Through a fun series of theater games, acting exercises and scripted scene work, this introductory acting class teaches the fundamentals of the actor’s craft. Students explore the “three tools of the actor” – voice, body and imagination – as they learn how to create characters, interpret scripts and perform for an audience. The class teaches true theater skills such as stagecraft, emotionally truthful acting, and professional theater etiquette, while encouraging creativity and inspiring the imagination. The class culminates with a workshop presentation of scenes and monologues for an invited audience.

Take it once or take it again and again! Students are encouraged to repeat the program several times. While the overall objectives remain the same, there are always new games, new activities and new performance scenes to keep the program varied and interesting. As students progress through successive iterations of the program, they continue to work on more sophisticated material in order to ensure that their skills continue to grow and that they are being appropriately challenged.

Animals & the World of Art

Instructor:          Julie Coching, Owner of Cafe Art
Grade Levels:     1 - 5
Day/Dates:          Tuesday -  Dec 4, 11, 18 | Jan 8, 15, 22, 29 | Feb  5, 12, 19
Sessions:              10 sessions x 1 hour
Time:                     2:05 - 3:05pm
Room:                   A3
Tuition:                 Early Bird Pricing -  $185 From November 24th -  $199

In this mixed media art class, we will study 9 styles of “animal art” then create a work of art inspired from each style.  We will work with clay, ceramics, glass, oil pastel, paper, collage and more. Some of the animal art we will study includes Andy Warhol’s endangered animal printmaking, George Rodriguez Blue Dog, Aboriginal art, Polar Bears white color mixing, Fused Glass Turtles, Cartoon Animal Drawing, Asian Brush Painting Panda, Clay Animal Whistle and Clay snake Pinch Pot rattle. You will literally feel like you’ve had a 10-week adventure through the Zoo!

Beginning Typing Class

Instructor:       Michele Chandler, Dublin Teacher
Grade Level:    1 -3
Day/Dates:       Thursday - Dec  6, 13, 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 | Feb  7, 14, 21
Sessions:           10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                  3:05 - 4:05pm
Room:                 A9
Tuition:              Early Bird Pricing - $185   From November 24th - $199

This course is a beginning course for students who need to learn basic typing skills. It will cover proper finger placement for typing so students can move away from pecking at the keys. This class will be fun and engaging and will include typing games to practice their new skills!

Chess Academy for Kids

Instructor:       Pacific Chess Academy (Mr Jeff Pernik Owner - 30 years teaching chess, Ms. Karen Vallen- 34 years teaching chess and Nenad Zagorac - Tournament Director, 12 years teaching chess.)
Grade Level:    1 - 5
Day/Dates:       Wednesday -  Dec 5, 12, 19 | Jan  9, 16, 23, 30 | Feb 6, 13, 20
Sessions:           10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                   3:05 - 4:05pm  or 2:05 - 3:05pm on Collaboration days
Room:                Library
Tuition:              Early Bird Pricing - $195    From November 24th - $205

Learn chess with Pacific Chess Academy!  This program is a great opportunity for kids to learn how to overcome obstacles, think strategically, and stay focused. Specifically designed for young players with various levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), the course offers video lessons, easy-to-follow instructions, individual recommendations, and preparation for chess tournaments. The use of modern technology (projector, iPad, teaching software) makes the learning process easy, fast, and fun! The class is offered to grades 1-5. All necessary equipment (boards and pieces, clocks, demo tools) provided.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a Chess Champion, this class is for students at all ability levels.
6 Reasons Kids Should Learn Chess

  1. Improves concentration, attention span and memory abilities
  2. Enhances reading and math skills
  3. Fosters critical-thinking and creativity in young minds
  4. Encourages and rewards hard work
  5. Develops problem solving skills
  6. Exercises both sides of your brain

Creative HeArts Continues

Instructor:         Mrs Lis Silva, Dublin Elementary Teacher
Grade Level:      3 - 5
Day/Date:           Thursday – Dec  6, 13, 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 | Feb  7, 14, 21
Sessions:             10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                     3:05 – 4:05pm
Room:                   D3
Tuition:                Early Bird Pricing - $185    From November 24th - $195

Have you ever wondered how your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence can increase through art? When kids feel good while they are creating, this phenomena occurs. Let me spark their imagination each week with a new project that helps to boost fine motor skills, introduce new life skills, enrich their vocabulary, and feel great about themselves all through creating art! Kids will make luminaries, paint on canvas, sew, and much more! 10 fun filled projects!

Cyber Security Workshop For Kids

Instructor:         Ms Aren Lim, Dublin Teacher
Grade Levels:    1 - 3
Day/Date:            Friday - Dec  7, 14  | Jan  11, 18, 25  |  Feb   8, 22  | Mar  1
Sessions:             8 classes x 75 minutes
Time:                     3:05 - 4:20 p.m.
Room:                    C7
Tuition:                Early Bird Pricing - $185    From November 24th - $195

Does your child enjoy surfing through the internet? Use of the internet for daily activities including school work is dramatically increasing in the lives of most people. But the internet can be a dangerous place, so the question is, does your child know how to use the web safely?  Through activities, students will learn safety protocols and measures when it comes down to navigating the Internet. They will learn how to distinguish between an unsafe environment and safe environment. Should people use the same login credentials for every account? Students will learn how online safety affects our day-to-day activities and future!

Jurassic Brick Land - Construction, Engineering and Architecture

Instructor:        Bricks 4 Kidz
Grade Level:     K - 5
Day/Dates:        Monday - Dec  3, 10, 17 | Jan  7, 14, 28 | Feb 4, 11, 25
Sessions:            9 classes x 70 minutes
Time:                    2:05 - 3:15pm
Room:                  D5
Tuition:               Early Bird Pricing - $199    From November 24th - $210

Are you ready for the Adventure of a lifetime?  Put on your hiking boots and’re about to enter Jurassic BrickLand!  Using Lego Bricks, students will build a world that comes to life with a gentle Brontosaurus, a ferocious Velociraptor, terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex and more. We’ll learn about amazing dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic period as well as other prehistoric animals that once roamed the earth and swam the seas millions of years ago. Use your building skills and use the specialized kits to build and learn about these extinct creatures from the Jurassic Park era.  

Kiddie Coding-Introduction to Computer Programming

Instructor:         Mr  Karl Osicki, Dublin Elementary Teacher
Grade Levels:    1 – 3
Day/Dates:         Thursday - Dec  6, 13, 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 | Feb  7, 14, 21
Sessions:             10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                    3:05 – 4:05pm
Room:                   A7
Tuition:                Early Bird Pricing - $185      From November 24th - $199

Do you want your child to learn a universal language of the planet? Does your child enjoy math, engineering, technology, and design? Kiddie Coding may be the perfect opportunity for them to tap into these 21st century prerequisites! “People who know how to code will be able to communicate across countries and cultures, be innovative, and solve problems more efficiently, with no barriers to impede their success (Porter, John. (2016). 4 Benefits of Learning Coding at a Young Age.) Retrieved from: Come join Kiddie Coding where we will learn how to work together Using,, Tynker, and Code Combat to program in a fun and safe environment.  It doesn’t matter if your child has coding experience or not, this class is for everyone.  It will build on concepts some students already know and teach concepts to those who are new to the coding.  All interested students are welcome.

Life Science in the Garden

Instructors:      Ms  Judie Greenhouse & Ms Deborah Lloyd, Dublin Elementary Teachers
Grade Level:     K - 5
Day/Dates:        Thursdays - Dec  6, 13, 20 | Jan 10, 17, 24, 31   | Feb 7, 14, 21
Sessions:            10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                    3:05 - 4:05pm
Room:                 K1
Tuition:               Early Bird Pricing - $185        From November 24th - $199

Come get your hands dirty while exploring the garden!  Students will understand the entire ecosystem of the garden - from the importance of sunshine and water to the role soil and insects play in the success of a garden.  Students will see how growing food locally can impact their community and the health of our school. Come and enjoy the great outdoors in this healthy and vital environment!

Speak to Lead: Build Confidence & Charisma

Instructor:         Gurus Education, East Bay
Grade Level:      2 - 5
Day/Dates:         Wednesday - Dec  5, 12, 19 | Jan 9, 16, 23, 30 | Feb  6, 13, 20
Sessions:             10 classes x 1 hour
Time:                      3:05 - 4:05pm or 2:05 - 3:05pm on Collaboration days
Room:                   B12
Tuition:                 Early Bird Pricing - $199   From November 24th - $210

Have you ever wondered what the #1 fear in this world is? YES, it is Public Speaking and our goal is to build your child’s confidence in public speaking and set them up for SUCCESS!! This course is ideal for all students and it doesn’t matter if they’ve taken public speaking before or if they are new to the program. Kids will learn to present and write effectively in 6 easy steps. This class is a combo course of Advanced Public Speaking, Speech Writing and Debate. Students will learn to write well-structured speeches on thought provoking topics in different styles such as narrative, descriptive, compare and contrast, and persuasive. In the debate portion, students will discover various formats and learn to make strong arguments backed by reasoning and evidence. Learning will be FUN & EXCITING!

Video Game Design & Coding

Instructor:         Licensed instructor from Code to the Future
Grade Level:      2 - 5
Day/Dates:         Friday - Dec  7, 14 | Jan 11, 18, 25 | Feb  8, 22 | Mar 1
Sessions:            8 classes x 75 minutes
Time:                   3:05 - 4:20pm
Room:                 C4
Tuition:               Early Bird Pricing - $199  From November 24th - $210

Prepare for the world of technology and learn the secret language of computers! New and returning students are welcome! Continue or begin your coding adventure with the Code To The Future team, and create brand new projects like a multi-level platformer or RPG style video game! The possibilities to create are endless! New students are always welcome to join throughout the year, and every class is differentiated for individual learning. After mastering the processing style of a computer, new coders will learn to use Scratch, a block-based tool developed at MIT. Use Scratch to make engaging projects with endless possibilities, in a mixture of games and stories. Choose your favorite theme, from Luke in Star Wars to the voyager Moana!

Enrollment Now Open!

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