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STEAM Afterschool Courses at Dougherty Elementary

STEAM Afterschool Courses at Dougherty Elementary are updated each season.

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Each class that moves forward will generate contributions of up to $100 (dependent on class size) to the school’s Parent Faculty Club (PFC) and $25 to Student Council.


Dougherty Elementary
5301 Hibernia Dr
Dublin, CA 94568


Courses are offered 1 day per week for up to 10 weeks.



$175 - $195 / Course

Each class that moves forward will generate contributions of up to $100 (dependent on class size) to the school’s Parent Faculty Club (PFC) and $25 to Student Council.

 Local, Qualified Teachers

Courses organized by local teachers with
California Teaching Credentials.

Dougherty Afterschool Course Offerings

Life Science in the Garden - The Power of Pollinators

Instructor:       Mr. John Price, Dougherty Teacher
Grade Level:    3 - 5
Day/Dates:       Thursdays - March 22, 29  | April 12, 19, 26  | May 3, 10, 17 24
(9 Class Sessions, 70 minutes each
Grade:                 3 - 5
Time:                   3:05 - 4:15 pm
Room:                 15
Tuition:              $185

Course Description: Have you ever noticed hummingbirds going from flower to flower and wondered what they were doing? The hummingbird is getting nectar, a high energy drink flowers use to attract hummingbirds. By attracting birds and insects, the flower is making sure that its pollen gets taken to other flowers. If you’ve ever seen a bee close-up when it’s visiting flowers, you might have noticed that the legs are covered with yellow grains of pollen. Pollination is the process in which pollen is transferred from one plant to another. Plants need pollination in order to make seeds and reproduce itself.

In Mr Price’s Life Science class, students will examine the diversity of pollinators in the garden and their role in the ecosystem. This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the mechanisms of adaptation.

  • Planting pollinator friendly plants.
  • Pollinator art projects.
  • Developing our observation skills
  • Designing our own flowers

Readers Book Club

Instructor:       Ms.  Lina Barakat, Dougherty Teacher
Day/Dates:       Thursdays - March 22, 29 | April 12, 19, 26  | May 3, 10, 17, 24
(9 Class Sessions, 70 minutes each)
Grade Levels:  3 - 5
Time:                  3:05 - 4:15 pm
Room:                16
Tuition:             $185

Course Description: Students will read a chosen novel, using a reader’s workshop model to enhance their reading comprehension abilities to encourage higher level collaborative reading and meta-cognitive strategies via a mini lesson format. Students will rotate through different roles, working together to engage in various texts, to further enrich their vocabulary and literature skills.  Later, students will adapt the novel into a play they can perform as a culminating project. Students will also be given roles in a book club which allow them to practice communication and public speaking skills, participating in interactive group discussions and increase their confidence in performing.

Yoga for Kids- The Movement of Imagination

Instructor:       Kavita Patel, Owner/Operator of Monkey Bear Yoga
Grade Level:    1 - 5
Day/Dates:       Mondays - March 12, 19, 26  | April 9, 16, 23, 30  | May 7, 14, 21
(10 Class Sessions)
Time:                   2:05 - 3:05 pm
Room:                 P6
Tuition:              $175

Course Description: Jump like a frog! Salute the sun. Root into the earth as a tree and sit like a lotus petal floating in a calm pool of water. Monkey Bear Yoga brings story-telling to the practice of Yoga for Kids. Through imagination, children are engaged and excited to learn yoga. Yoga for Kids is a fun-filled journey to the self. Through mindful movement, breathing techniques and imaginative play, children connect with their authentic selves.

We live in a high speed, fast paced environment that can be taxing to our spirit and sense of self. Children experience stress and anxiety just as adults do. Yoga fosters the whole child. Children will develop strength and flexibility in their bodies and minds through yoga poses and partner exercises. They will learn breathing techniques to soothe anxiety, focus better, and practice patience. Yoga for Kids give children the tools to live a balanced, peaceful life.

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