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Summer 2024

2024 Summer High School Academy

The DPIE Summer High School Academy returns this June for the 12th straight year and enrollment is now open - February 1st, 2024.

The DPIE Summer High School Academy will once again be hosted at Dublin High School and will run for six weeks beginning on Monday, June 3rd and ending on Friday, July 12th. Over the years, working with teachers from the Dublin School District and teaching the Dublin High curriculum, the Academy has excelled at offering accelerated year-long courses in a six-week, five-hour per day format and several thousand Dublin students have successfully completed high school courses and have been able to accelerate their academic programs.

Students who are approved to participate in the DPIE Summer High School Academy and successfully complete the course in which they enrolled, can add the course grade to their high school transcript, earn credit towards graduation requirements and accelerate their academic program by moving to the next course level.

This summer, DPIE will offering the following subjects, please click the course titles for full details and to enroll:

Summer Program Dates & Times

Dates: Six weeks - June 3 to July 12, 2024

Venue: Dublin High School, 8151 Village Pkwy, Dublin, CA 94568

Class times: 8:30am to 1:30pm

  • First Semester
    Week 1:   June 3 - 7
    Week 2:   June 10 - 14
    Week 3:   June 17 - 21 - MID-TERM EXAM ON JUNE 21

  • Second Semester
    Week 4:   June 24 - 28
    Week 5:   July 1 - July 5 - NO CLASS ON THURSDAY JULY 4 2022 - NATIONAL HOLIDAY
    Week 6:   July 8 - July 12 - FINAL EXAM JULY 12

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Who can enroll in the DPIE Summer High School Academy Program?

All Dublin students who will complete 8th – 11th grade at the end of the current school year and will attend school in the Dublin Unified School District next school year, are academically in “good standing,” meet the pre-requisites required to take a class and have been approved by DUSD counselors, may enroll in the DPIE program for course credit and receive A-G UC admission credit towards college admission.

DPIE courses and grades can be added to a student’s high school transcript only if they have been approved to take the course over the summer for credit. Although DPIE partners with the Dublin Unified School District and teaches the Dublin course of study, it is upto the parents to decide if they wish the course grade to be added to their student’s high school transcript. Any passing grade “C” or better will be added to the transcript unless a parent emails us that they do not wish to add the grade to their student’s transcript.

Failing to add the grade to their student’s transcript will mean their student will need to repeat the class in the following school year.

Non-Credit Enrichment Enrollment – Students who wish to take DPIE courses over the summer for enrichment or preparation purposes only may enroll without prior approval and their grades will not be entered on their Dublin transcripts.

Dublin Students in grade 6 – 7 – By DUSD policy, students currently in grades 6 & 7 MAY NOT enroll in summer courses for acceleration purposes.

Non Dublin Students – Since DPIE is not a comprehensive high school, we cannot issue an official transcript that can be used for college admission. Non-Dublin students may enroll in DPIE courses for enrichment purposes only, unless they get consent from their home school district that they can have the course and grade added to their high school transcript in their district.  This process is known as the Principal’s Certification Process, which is part of the UC Admission Department’s policy. Your school district would have to agree to accept the DPIE course and grade as equivalent to their own and add the course to the students high school transcript.

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What are the pre-requisites required for approvals?

Summer Course Pre-Requisites

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DPIE Summer High School Courses Are Approved by the Dublin School Board

All high school courses offered in the DPIE Summer High School Academy have been approved by the Dublin Unified School Board.  All students who have successfully completed the course pre-requisites are eligible to take DPIE Summer High School Academy courses for credit. Please see board resolution no 2016-17-32 below for more details.


RESOLUTION NO. 2016-17-32 


ACCEPTANCE OF DUBLIN PARTNERS IN EDUCATION (“DPIE”) CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION AND ISSUANCE OF CREDITS WHEREAS, DPIE has been offering a STEM Enrichment Academy, academic summer programs, for high school students; 


WHEREAS, DPIE’S STEM Enrichment Academy offers A-G and other courses for high school students that meets California State Standards, is consistent with Dublin High School curriculum and utilizes qualified certificated personnel; 


WHEREAS, DPIE is an accredited Supplemental Education Program/Center through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (“WASC”) and may only issue “Certificates of Completion” for students who are enrolled and successfully complete STEM Enrichment Academy summer course; and 


WHEREAS, Dublin High School is a WASC accredited school and may issue credits to students that obtain a “Certificate of Completion” from DPIE for successful completion of a STEM Enrichment Academy course. 


NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees shall: 

  1. Accept a “Certificate of Completion” from a DUSD student that successfully completes a STEM Enrichment Academy summer course that meets California State Standards, is consistent with Dublin High School curriculum and utilizes qualified certificated personnel; and 
  2. Issue course credit and ensure students have the course(s) listed on their transcripts. 


 PASSED and ADOPTED this 16th of March, 2017, by the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees, of the County of Alameda, to wit: 

  • As posted in board resolution 2016-17-32 above, all DPIE high school summer courses are recognized and accepted by the Dublin School District.

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Alternative Credit Applications Must Be Submitted to Receive Credit

Dublin Unified School District policy requires that all Dublin High Students and current DUSD 8th graders who wish to take summer courses for credit and have them added to their transcript for advancement purposes, must complete and submit the Alternative Credit Application Form (see section below for detailed instructions).

DHS - Alternative Credit Application Form

EMERALD HS - Alternative Credit Application Form

This form can only be completed by the DUSD student only!

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What does "Good Standing" mean?

This means if your student has a Grade C or above, they are of "good standing" to enroll in one of our accelerated courses.

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How to Submit an Alternative Credit Application Form?

The Dublin High Schools process is outlined below.

Step-By-Step Approval Process

  1. Your student will need to access and complete the DUSD Alternative Credit Application for your High School and submit the form when completed.  
    DHS - Alternative Credtit Application
    EMERALD - Alternative Credit Application
    Only students with a DUSD email address assigned to them can access and complete the form.
    Please be aware that the system does not generate a receipt when the form is submitted, so please make a note of the date the form was submitted.

  2. Once the form has been submitted, a counselor from Dublin High School or Emerald High will let you know via email, if your student has been approved or not, to take an accelerated course over the summer.  Please be aware that all students who are in “good standing” and have successfully completed course pre-requisites should be approved to take courses in the DPIE Summer High School Academy and can be enrolled prior to receiving approval.

  3. All students must follow the steps found on the Counseling Department page of the DHS website to take outside courses for credit and advancement purposes.

You can visit the Dublin High School website here for more information about verifying a non-DHS course and the request to add it to a DHS transcript.

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Cost of High School Programs

Please be aware that DPIE’s only source of funding, to pay the cost of the DPIE Summer High School Academy, are the fees that we charge families, as we are not a state funded entity.

The tuition charged is used to pay teacher salaries, rent to the school district, administration and secretarial costs, custodial costs, supplies, etc. The DPIE Summer High School Academy is not a money making program for DPIE and our only goal is to provide a service to Dublin families.

 All 6-week, year-long Summer high school courses

  • $985

3-week semester courses (Physical Education only)

  • $499 -  June 3 to June 20 – First Semester (13 days)

  • $499 – June 24 to July 11 – Second Semester (13 days)

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DPIE High School Summer Academy Background and Information

Twelve years ago, DPIE was asked by the leadership team of the Dublin Unified School District (DUSD), to begin offering High School academic courses during the summer to help Dublin students advance their educational programs.  They explained that given the limitations of time and all the requirements required for a student to graduate, it was difficult for academically aggressive students to take all the math and science classes they needed to achieve their academic goals prior to going to college.

The district’s goal was to find a resolution to those limitations that would “supplement” the Dublin High School graduation requirements and provide an avenue for Dublin students to accelerate their academic programs. The first DPIE Summer High School Academy opened in the summer of 2012 with 150 students.  Over time as more families learned about the program and as enrollment in the school district grew.

The DPIE Summer High School Academy was modeled after successful “supplemental programs” that have been running in southern California. To ensure that DPIE’s program was in alignment with DUSD standards as well as national standards, DPIE worked with DUSD Educational Services staff and WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges).

What is WASC?

WASC serves as the accrediting commission for high schools across the nation. They ensure that school programs meet requirements for educational excellence. Their stated purpose is to “foster educational excellence in elementary, secondary, adult, post-secondary and supplementary education programs.”

Like Dublin High School, the DPIE Summer High School Academy has gone through the WASC accreditation process, which occurs every six years. In each certification process a team of educational experts visit the campus while classes are in session. These experts attend classes to observe instruction, reviews the schools programs, course syllabi, policies and procedures and interview groups of students, teachers, parents and administration in an effort to learn about and evaluate the program. 

In each visitation, the DPIE Summer High School Academy, like Dublin High School, has received the highest accreditation possible, received kudos for its operation and has been recognized for excellence.

Why Accreditation?

  • Assures a school community that the school’s purposes are appropriate and being accomplished through a viable education program — a trustworthy institution for student learning.
  • Validates the integrity of the school’s program.
  • Facilitates transfer of credits to other English-speaking schools — critical for college/university acceptance worldwide.
  • Provides a process for regularly examining programs, processes, and data around school goals and student learning through data analysis, reflection, inquiry, and dialogue.
  • Builds a professional culture to support the schoolwide action plan.
  • Fosters the continuous improvement of the school’s programs and operations to support student learning.
  • Provides valuable insight from fellow educators visiting the school.
  • Benefits schools that choose joint accreditation or other collaborative processes, e.g., WASC/HIDOE and ACS WASC and IBO.


Supplemental Education Programs vs Comprehensive High Schools

Transcripts - The DPIE Summer High School Academy was created and designed to be a “supplemental program.”  This means we offer a limited range of courses but not all the courses needed to graduate from high school. 

Since we are not considered to be a “Comprehensive High School,” our program cannot issue transcripts, only comprehensive high schools can issue official transcripts.

A – G Requirements – DPIE teaches the Dublin High School curriculum, this has always been part of the agreement between DPIE and the DUSD. Dublin High School’s courses are listed on the UC system’s A-G approved list, however, even though we teach Dublin’s courses using mostly teachers from Dublin High, DPIE courses cannot be added to the approved A-G list because DPIE is not a comprehensive diploma issuing high school.  They will be listed on a transcript as Dublin High School.

Through Principal Certification, UC accepts DPIE courses as meeting the A-G requirements needed for college admission and the transcript will be accepted by any university in the country.

The transcript and A-G list issues are solved by the UC Admissions office established Principal Certification Policy.

Principal Certification – The UC System’s Admissions office, recognizing the value of WASC accredited supplementary programs such as the DPIE Summer High School Academy, established the Principal Certification policy many years ago which allows high school principals or school districts to determine if courses offered through a supplementary program meet their standards.  If a district determines that courses taken in a supplementary program match their course of study, that district is empowered to accept the supplementary courses as their own and add them to the student’s official high school transcript, issue 10 units of credit toward graduation and to count the grade in the student’s high school grade point average.    

The DUSD School Board passed resolution NO. 2016-17-32 on March 16, 2017 accepting DPIE Courses as their own and agreeing to add courses taught in the DPIE Summer Academy to the transcripts of Dublin students listed under Dublin High School.

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Why Geometry Will Not be Offered by DPIE in 2024

The DUSD was able to negotiate an agreement with Las Positas College to offer Geometry to all Dublin students who are approved to take the course over the summer at a substantially reduced rate. 

Please be on the lookout for communication from the Educational Services Department about the Las Positas Geometry program in the near future or reach out to that department at the Dublin School District Office for more information if you have not heard from them.