Summer is coming.. are you ready?

Rich Boschetti, DPIE Academy Superintendent
April 19, 2019

Summer is Coming! Are You Ready?

More than ever, research about childhood learning indicates that most students experience the equivalent of one month or more of what researchers refer to as “learning loss” during the summer months.  Researchers report that learning loss happens when students are not actively engaged in creative, mind engaging, hands-on activities over long 2-3 month summer breaks.

Learning Loss can lead to learning delay or lack of engagement when school starts in the fall and teachers often find themselves having to reteach material already learned the year before in order to bring students to where they need to be for the year ahead.

DPIE Has the Cure for Learning Loss

Researchers recommend that parents enroll students in STEM and STEAM based courses during the summer that allow them to have fun while they learn new and interesting skills. The focus should be on creative learning and not getting a grade. They recommend parents enroll students in programs that stimulate their thinking, are of interest to the students and help them learn and develop new skills.

With this in mind, DPIE once again will offer a wide variety of STEM & STEAM courses through it’s elementary and middle school summer academies being held this summer at Amador Elementary School (June 10 – 28) and Fallon Middle School (June 5 – 20 and June 24 – July 11).  By allowing children the opportunity to participate in robust courses like those being offered in the DPIE academies this summer, a child’s mind stays active through the summer and they are more prepared to learn when school starts again in the fall.

More than 350 Dublin students have already enrolled in the summer academies and some classes are beginning to fill, so if you are interested in learning more about the courses being offered, click here for courses descriptions for both the elementary and middle school programs.  There are quite a few to choose from.

Five Reasons to Enroll Your Child in DPIE STEM & STEAM Academies

According to author Amelia Joselow from the Cambridge Community Center, there are five very good reasons why students should participate in summer courses like those being offered by DPIE.

  1. Innovative Classes Keep Children’s Minds Actively Engaged – Students who take advantage of STEM and STEAM courses over the summer tend to enter the school year ready to learn.  Their minds are already warmed up and engaged and they are ready to work and take in what the teacher wants them to learn.

  2. Creative Classes Afford Students the Chance to Explore Their Interest – Allowing students to choose their own courses provides them the opportunity to enjoy something they are interested in learning. They can dig deeper into a topic without the stress of a grade looming over their heads. And they can often take advantage of courses being offered that they can’t get into during the school year because they don’t have room in their schedule.

  3. Summer Courses Build A Student’s Confidence – 92% of students polled after participating in summer programs report that “camp helped me feel good about myself” and 96% reported that they enjoyed making new friends.  Research indicates that developing social skills and building friendships is a key skill for people of all ages and walks of life.

  4. Courses Taken During the Summer Keep Kids Active and Engaged – We live in an increasingly screen-centered world with televisions, computers, tablets and smart phones.  Enrolling kids in summer courses helps keep them from turning into “couch potatoes.” Being enrolled in enrichment courses helps stimulate their imaginations and develops their skill sets.

  5. Allows Family Flexibility – Participating in summer courses is a great way for kids to spend the day and provides parents the ability to accommodate their work schedules, run household errands without having to worry about their kids, and provides them with a safe and supervised learning environment.

A Wide Variety of Courses to Choose From

Elizabeth Littlejohn teaching at Summer Elementary 2018

This year’s STEM and STEAM Academies are bigger and better than ever before, with a wider range of courses to choose from.  Students who enroll in the elementary program at Amador can participate in classes for 1, 2 or 3 weeks and classes will run from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm daily.  

Jim Parsons teaching at the Middle School Summer 2018

Middle school courses are being offered at Fallon Middle School
 for the first time after being housed at Dublin High in the past. There are two three-week sessions and students are free to enroll in course for one or both sessions.

So don’t wait to enroll as courses are filling fast.  Make sure to get the class you want for your child before it fills.  We think your child will be in for a treat.  They will be exposed to new ideas, build new skills, make new friends and avoid the dreaded “learning loss” caused by long lazy summers.  Please know that financial assistance is available to families enrolled in the school district’s Free and Reduced Price lunch program. Simply call our office if you need more information.