A Story of … A Passion for Hands on Education & Engineering

Introducing Tri-Valley CompuChild
Rich Boschetti, DPIE Academy Director
April 13, 2021

“Children remember 10% of what they hear, 65% of what they hear and see and 95% of what they hear, see and do.”

Over the years, that message has been shared with thousands of teachers in training, in colleges and universities nation-wide. The message is clear, kids learn best by letting them experience, feel and touch what they are learning.

Hands-on Activities Make a Difference

Understanding the importance of hands-on activities and the rapid growth in the world of technology, DPIE made the decision this year to partner with Tri-Valley CompuChild.  This company specializes in fun hands-on technology-based courses aimed at preparing elementary students for the world of tomorrow. “Students learn new concepts best when you provide them meaningful hands-on activities and experiences that stay with them long after the activity or class has been completed,” shared Rupal Shah, the owner of Tri-Valley CompuChild.

Introducing Six New Technology Based Courses

We have introduced six new and fun-filled technology courses to the DPIE After School and Summer Elementary Academy this year and even though they are being taught in a virtual format, they are proving to be popular and have received positive feedback from students and parents alike.

Lego Robotics

Did you ever want to build and control your own robot? Well, here is your chance! This innovative class for students in grades 1 - 4 has proven to be very popular with families and a great deal of fun for those students who enrolled in this spring’s sold-out course.

This simple robotics module is a dream come true for kids who get to build their own robots while they learn about motors, pulleys, cams, gears and sensors while learning simple programming skills along the way. “I really love this class,” shared one of the Robotics students in a recent class session, “it’s just so much fun!”

Stop Motion Animation

Say hello to Hollywood! Everyone has a story to tell so why not learn how to tell yours through digital storytelling. 

Learn how to combine imagination, art and technology skills to create stop motion animation projects to share with your family and with friends or dazzle your teacher with a digital presentation. Learn how to use cool special effects while creating your own project that will be the envy of all your friends. You will learn how to use stop motion as can be seen in many popular movies such as Kubo, Missing Link, Boxtrolls, and even Robocop. During the course you will learn the step-by-step instructions, from video editing to the compilation of pictures, to make your own movie. Grades 3–5.

Logic & Reasoning, Logic & Reasoning with Flow Charting & Advanced Logic & Reasoning

These are three different courses aimed at providing students the “pre-programming” concepts that are essential in today’s world, where technology skills play a crucial role. Each course is different and aimed at developing student’s problem-solving skills using step-by-step flow of logic and graphical representation. It brings visual clarity, helps to communicate the logic and reasoning behind the solution being proposed. It also helps teams collaborate and helps correct the solution before investing time to develop it. It is one of the fundamental skill development courses for all problem solving and logic related STREAM learning like computer science-based programming such as Python, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and developing technologies. If your child is in grades 1 – 5, there is a Logic & Reasoning class for them.

Working with Snap Circuits

Shockingly fun! In this course students will learn the basic properties of electricity and electronics and the fundamentals behind circuitry and how circuits are used in technological devices that we use every day. They will build components like a musical doorbell, siren, motion detectors, two-speed fan with lights just to name a few projects, all while using a safe and hands-on snap circuit kits.  These activities are part of maker series where children will build their own circuits and learn in-depth about electricity, batteries, parallel and series circuits etc. The Snap Circuits course is being introduced in this summer’s elementary academy and will be offered twice in two-week blocks, June 21 – July 2 and July 26 – August 6. Designed for students in grades 1 -3.

Is it time to expose your child to some fun new hands-on activities while developing their technological skills that prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century?  You may want to give your child the gift of the future while allowing them to have some fun this summer.  These are just a few of the course options available to you and your children this summer in the DPIE Summer Elementary Academy.

To learn more about all our course offerings this summer, click here to see the full list of all the courses we are offering and to enroll before classes fill.