After School Spring Session is Open for Enrollment

Foundation Staff
January 28, 2019

In just one week nearly 200 elementary students in Dublin have enrolled in one of the 81 after school courses being offered by Dublin Partners in Education for the spring session. Online registration opened on January 18th and the popularity of DPIE STEAM classes has never been more evident. Spring classes will commence the first week of March and run through the end of May. By enrolling early parents save by taking advantage of early bird pricing.

“We are thrilled with the popularity of the after-school classes we are offering,” said DPIE Program Manager Vickie Constantinides. “These courses are fun, educational, stimulating and extremely popular in our school communities. Whether your student is interested in enhancing your writing skills, learning coding, improving reading comprehension or just wants to turn lose their inner artist or budding actor, we have something to meet your student's needs.”

After School Program Doubles Enrollments in Just One Year to 755 Students

students in class

DPIE continues to work with site teachers to develop new course offerings and contracts with outside vendors to offer the kinds of classes that Dublin families request. “Last school year enrollments grew to a high of 360 students in 30 classes,” explained DPIE Director Rich Boschetti. “This year enrollment has exploded and during Fall and Winter we saw 755 students enroll in each session and enjoyed 52 different course offerings,  that run the gamut from chess, engineering, math, science, writing, reading, acting, singing, public speaking and art just to name a few.”

“We are excited with the growth of the after school program as it demonstrates we are listening to Dublin families and offering the kinds of classes parents want for their children,” continued Boschetti. “The Dublin teachers who work with us have wonderful ideas for courses. They are educational experts and know what students need to learn and grow their abilities. We are fortunate that so many Dublin teachers agree to ‘teach their Passion’ with us during the school year.”

Meaningful Classes Inspire Our Students

When asked about the after school program’s rapid growth over the last three school years, DUSD School Board member Megan Rouse offered, “We appreciate our partnership with DPIE and the opportunities the After School program brings to our students. DPIE works closely with district teachers to ensure that classes are aligned with our instruction and then offers meaningful enrichment courses that inspire our students and encourages them to learn.”

DPIE Acting Students

Record Enrollments Equals Record Donations

Since DPIE donates revenues from the After School program back to all 8 elementary schools, the increased enrollment has already led to $17,900 in donations back to the schools student body, PFC and site administration to be used in support of school programs. At its current pace, DPIE is anticipating donating $25,000 back to participating Dublin schools by the end of the school year.

DPIE Students in Classroom

To learn more about After School courses being offered at your school visit our After School Programs page, select your school and review the list of courses being offered at your school for the Spring session. Select the “Enrollment Now Open” button to enroll in the class or classes of your choice. You won't be sorry!