DPIE STEAM Enrichment Academy Introduces Afterschool Classes


October 14, 2016

This Fall, 2016, DPIE launched the STEAM Afterschool Program for elementary schools in Dublin. For a list of participating schools, visit the STEAM Afterschool Programs  page.

This Fall DPIE is piloting its first ever STEAM Enrichment after school program at Dougherty Elementary School. Six wide-ranging and high interest classes will be offered during after school hours in grades 1 -5 which will allow students to have fun while they learn. Teachers working in the program will “teach their passion” to their students while having fun along the way. The program was created in response to parent desires district-wide for more after hour enrichment offerings. DPIE, working in cooperation with Dougherty Principal Brett Nelson, Assistant Principal Heather Ghereben and their Parent Faculty Club (PFC), recruited Dougherty’s talented teachers to launch the first DPIE STEAM after school program.

Hands on, High Interest

We're thrilled to be able to pilot the STEAM Academy after school classes at Dougherty. The classes will provide our students with exposure to next generation learning. Students will be engaged in high interest, hands-on learning activities while they are having fun. This will be an awesome experience for Dougherty families. - Principal Nelson

Online enrollments began in September and 97 Dougherty started classes during the first week of October. Classes meet once each week through December 15th. There will be 10 meetings per class and families can participate for a minimal fee of $150. Courses are multi grade level and provide for a variety of enrichment and fun experiences. Some proceeds from the program will go to the PFC and Dougherty Student Council to help fund Academic programs and competitions on for their students.

Making a Difference in our Community

I am very excited for this partnership with DPIE as their values are very well aligned with Dougherty & PFC in making a difference to our community. Their programs develop creativity, build new skills and help apply those skills to real life situations. It is a great compliment to the in class learning led by our very own Dublin faculty. - Dougherty PFC President Samriti Singh

Courses offered in the Fall program include the following:

Discovering Science Through Art
Carrisa La Gasca
Grade Levels: 1 - 2

Linking Art to Math Through the Elements of Design
Molly Lofgren
Grade Levels: 1 - 3

Computer Science fundamentals & Coding
Doreen Bonde
Grade Levels: 2 - 4

The Science of Engineering
Christine Hamilton
Grade Levels: 3 - 5

Art Around the World
Julie Coching
Grade Levels: 3 - 5

Gardening & Life Science
John Price
Grade Levels: 3 - 5

Year-Long Classes & Expansion

We want to take the program to every elementary school in the district interested in hosting Academy STEAM classes on their campus.

The DPIE STEAM Academy is planning to offer three after school sessions during the school year. This year at Dougherty we plan to offer classes in the Fall (Oct. – Dec.), Winter (Jan. – Mar.) and Spring (Mar. – May). Our vision is to expand course offerings so families can move in and out of the program as time allows. Eventually, we want to take the program to every elementary school in the district interested in hosting Academy STEAM classes on their campus. Given the STEAM After School Program has met with student, parent, and teacher enthusiasm, plans are already underway to expand the program to other elementary schools in the district beginning in January. The hope is that DPIE can eventually provide after hour programs to every elementary school that is interested in offering a similar the program.