DPIE After School Program Inspires Students and Teachers

Rich Boschetti, Academy Director
February 13, 2019

“Awesome!” “Exciting!” “Fun!”

Kiddie Coding-Introduction and Computer Programming

Kiddie Coding-Introduction and Computer Programming with Mr Karl Osicki

These are the words we heard recently from some of the kids participating in DPIE’s Winter After School program at the eight elementary schools in the Dublin School District. That enthusiasm is not surprising considering they have the chance to take courses with titles like “Amazing Amazon Adventures,” “Inventors Workshop & Electricity,” Kiddie Coding-Introduction and Computer Programming,” “Clay, Ceramics & the Color Wheel,” “Life Science in the Garden,” “Cooking Through Literature,” and “Yoga for Kids,” just to name a few of the 52 courses currently running in the district.


Spring Enrollment is Now Open

 Enrollment in the Spring DPIE After School program is now open and more than 80 classes are being offered to students district-wide. With three weeks to go before the program begins, we have more than 400 enrollments so far. Click here to Enroll!

Teacher Passion Makes All the Difference

What sets DPIE classes apart from others, is the passion that each teacher brings to the classroom.  Recently we asked teachers from all eight elementary schools what they liked most about teaching in the DPIE After School program and their responses were enlightening.

“These courses are great because they provide students the opportunity to learn valuable skills while having fun. These skills help them academically, but also introduce them to new opportunities and interests they can pursue as they get older.”
Allison Tomcik, Kolb Elementary

Creative HeArts Class

Creative HeARTS class with Ms Lisa Silva

“DPIE provides a wide variety of enrichment, academically and socially, in unique and creative ways. I really enjoy the opportunity to share my passion for language with students and in return, I value the insights this provides me into other peoples’ lives and cultures.”
Akinder Gill, Cottonwood Creek


“These classes offer the opportunity to just take one-hour out of a day and focus on a task that students are excited about.  It allows them to collaborate and to have vertical articulation. I just Love it!”
Lisa Silva, Dublin Elementary


“These enrichment classes are so essential to the growth and development of our students and promote the whole child which is something I’m passionate about. It provides students the opportunity to try things they have never done before and to explore their own passions.”
Lauren Soto-Figueroa, “Magical” Murray Elementary


Creative Writing for Primary Students

Creative Writing for Primary Students with Ms Elizabeth Littlejohn

“I love this program! Kids can explore different subjects each session or choose the same subject and really dig-in and learn. Because these are elective courses, kids enjoy the subject matter and experience the love of learning outside the regular school environment which is a life-long skill.”
Julie Coching, Green Elementary

“When my colleagues ask why I teach creative writing in my after school class, I tell them that it’s fun! You don’t have to follow a structure or rigid curriculum. You can change your teaching based on what the kids enjoy and how they are progressing.  And better yet, there are no deadlines to creativity.”
Jennifer Moirao, Amador Elementary

For those of you interested in learning more about DPIE’s Spring course offerings, please click here.

Remember, financial aid is available for families who participate in the school district’s Free & Reduced Price Lunch program.